Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lil Wayne Is A Poser..

I'm Sorry But Really,.....Really. Lil Wayne Is A Fuckin' Poser. And If You Don't Know What A Poser Is, It Is A Fake. I Know Wayne Fans Are Really Gonna Say That I'm Hating Or Whatever But Be Real. His Fans Agree With Everything He Does Even Tho They Know It Is A Bad Idea. A Rock Album? Are You Serious. So You Get You Face Pierced Up A Little Bit, Hang Out With Fall Out Boy (No Offense To Them), Try To Play A Guitar On Stage(Badly) Or Ever Pick It Up, Say Nirvana Is Your Favorite Band (Probably The Only Old Band He Knows From The Past), And Make A Song With Some No Name Kid Called "Let It Rock" And Even Hold The Guitar Wrong In The Video, And Then You Have The Right To Make A Rock Album...Really. Come On Everyone Knows It Will Be Trash. It Will Sell, Cause Of The Million Wayne Droids Of The World Will Be It, But Trash Is Trash...

Come On People Wake Up...He Is A "Self-Proclaimed Best Rapper Alive" That Mean (For The Dummies) He Called Himself The Best Rapper Alive. And Half You Motherfuckers Thought It Was True Cause At The Time Nobody Mainstream Was Good, Like Back In The Day. So He Just To Advantage Of This Slum Period In Music. But Would A Best Rapper Alive Get Dog On About 20 Song Or Ever Use A New Comers Verse On A Live Award Show (Drake)..No I Don't Think So..



·ALISHIA D· said...

Soooo fuckin true. I just hope everybody else realizes that. But they won't cause their all lil wayne humpers

T.J. Brown said...

damn mat you're heated
but it is true
i dislike wayne
[though prom queen is an okay song]

not cuz he's fake
but because of his style and content of rap
don't get me wrong
i like some of his music.
but he is sorely overrated,
cuz he isn't the best. like i said, some of his songs are okay. but i can't deal with wayne fans. bunch of hop ons......

fuck poser and love rock said...

sorry tj brown but pom queen is the gayest song on this earth lil wayne is the biggest poser fuckin rappers tryin to hop on rock cause we stay true and and we dont folow little fads rock has been rock since it was rock and rap used to have meaning until all itcame down to was having money cars cloths girls drugs drinks and calling yourself words that have no damn meaning (GOON) one rap song AMILLE AND ALL THE SUDDEN EVERY RAPPER IS A GOON GET A FUCKIN LIFE

Scott said...

EM is back in the light.. someone please agree he has to try to single handedly save hip-hop from wayne fans. along with dre of course.

Jade said...

I totally agree.. I was into lil waynes carter III album, cuz the lyrics were pretty good with most of the songs...but now he is just such a fake ass gangster...what is the point of him carrying guns with him? hes a billionaire lol not a thug...and his lyrics about women are fucked up...He hangs out with ghettos ass hoes and doesnt see real women, so he assumes we are all hoes... what a moron! I respected him for his lyrics before, but now he is just a disgrace to me. too bad all his ambitions went to waste.

slimshadykid said...

lil wayne is a poser he is hella overrated

he fucks up every song he's in cuz his voice sounds constipated

he thinks he's all that cuz he smokes dope all day long

then picks up a guitar and tries to make some rap songs

that all suck shit, by the way, including prom queen and all else

then he raps about being gangsta when he's only shot himself

just to add to his ego he gets tattoos from head to toe

then says he likes to smell like the best when he appeared in rolling stone

by the way, how the fuck did he get on the fucking cover of that

goddamn i thought they were a music magazine lil wayne is a motherfucking poser douche bag motherfucker and i guess i'll leave it at that

cody said...

i dont get it. why rock wayne? why? just cause you say your the best 'rapper' alive means you get to put out a fucking 'Rock' album? how incredibly concided of you. gosh, you seriously are dumber than I thought possible. man, listen to some kid cudi. you might learn something. honest. im out.

Josh said...

im tired of all mainstream rap.. try some underground artists like atmosphere, tech n9ne, brother ali, etc.. these guys are brilliant and talented and could blow pussies like lil eayne, jay z, and eminem away..

alexia said...

Okay I googled lil Wayne is a poser cuz for hears I have felt this way. When he first came out his music gave me the fuel I needed to be tough I'm a black female who loves punk rock have had my lips pierced and ears gaged since I was 17 now I'm 25 and everywhere I look young black males are wearing skinny jeans piercing their faces and pretending to love rock/punk and are skate boarders just like they dog out white boys who try to act black because of the music they listen too all he did was put African Americans back on the bottom when black guys are "trying to act white because of the music they listen to" he used to be the shit now he's some mother Fucker who makes you want to unconnect you 500 dollar system and throw it out the Fu king window while ur driving his new horrible voice is everywhere. He created his own best competition Drake's lyrics and ORIGINAL sytle is what wayne used to be he garbage and needs to take a break and reevaluate what got him here did I mention I'm a sr. Writer for rolling stones magazine so ppl will know what a poser he is in due time I have to get off of here before I loose my job don't get me started on Baby what a lame fuck!

stickey nickey said...

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK yeah ! hes been on the covers of ccs mag and he cannot skate for shit. i cant stand it! to skaters before him earned to be in that positiom. im so glad other people feel that why fuck lil wayne and fuck his fans!