Monday, July 14, 2008


"Love" a word said a billion time a day but think how many times this is said truthfully how many times is emotion follow by this word many see this word as an access used to what they want want they desire..... to get into the mind of the one it is being said to to weaken them to go by your every wish how can it hurt so must something so beautiful be use for such false accusations a man can say love but then impregnate you after the hour of lust followed by the word and leave.....alone where is the love now a woman can say the word to manipulate the mind of a human being like a puppet and leave.....nothing where is the love now a abuser can say love a hundred times and beat someone to the brink of life and death....why where is the love now so love is use so commonly it has lost it impact
it has lost it meaning
now what has the word become what is its meaning well if you now have to ask.... i guess the only meaning now is.......... FICKLE!!!!!!!!