Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why Was T.V. On The Radio Not Nominated For A Grammy

Named Best Album Of 08 by = Rolling Stone, The Guardian, Spin Magazine, Consequence of Sound, MTV, Entertainment Weekly], and Pitchfork Media's readers poll

Named 7th Best Out Of 50 0f 2008's Best Albums By Q Magazine

Called "art rock with a human face".

Named 2nd Best Album By = Wireless Bollinger, Uncut and the NME

John Earls placed it at #4 on Planet Sound's top 50 albums of 2008.

But The Academy Figure They Were Not Good Enough To Get Nominated..Come On

It Just Proves POPULARITY>talent

Track List

1. "Halfway Home"
2. "Crying"
3. "Dancing Choose"
4. "Stork & Owl"
5. "Golden Age"
6. "Family Tree"
7. "Red Dress"
8. "Love Dog"
9. "Shout Me Out"
10. "DLZ"
11. "Lover's Day"

Friday, January 30, 2009

Lykke Li Pictures, Images and Photos

Lykke Li was born in Ystad, Skåne, in Sweden
She released her first album, Youth Novels on LL Recordings in the Nordic region on February 4, 2008 and it received a wider European release in June, 2008. The album was produced by Björn Yttling of Peter Bjorn and John and Lasse Mårtén. It was released in the United States on 6 May 2008. The album was released in the Republic of Ireland on June 6, 2008 and June 9 in the UK.

Little Bit: or (Remix ft. Drake) or (Live)

I'm Good, I'm Gone: or (Live)

Dance Dance Dance: or (Live)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lil Wayne Is A Poser..

I'm Sorry But Really,.....Really. Lil Wayne Is A Fuckin' Poser. And If You Don't Know What A Poser Is, It Is A Fake. I Know Wayne Fans Are Really Gonna Say That I'm Hating Or Whatever But Be Real. His Fans Agree With Everything He Does Even Tho They Know It Is A Bad Idea. A Rock Album? Are You Serious. So You Get You Face Pierced Up A Little Bit, Hang Out With Fall Out Boy (No Offense To Them), Try To Play A Guitar On Stage(Badly) Or Ever Pick It Up, Say Nirvana Is Your Favorite Band (Probably The Only Old Band He Knows From The Past), And Make A Song With Some No Name Kid Called "Let It Rock" And Even Hold The Guitar Wrong In The Video, And Then You Have The Right To Make A Rock Album...Really. Come On Everyone Knows It Will Be Trash. It Will Sell, Cause Of The Million Wayne Droids Of The World Will Be It, But Trash Is Trash...

Come On People Wake Up...He Is A "Self-Proclaimed Best Rapper Alive" That Mean (For The Dummies) He Called Himself The Best Rapper Alive. And Half You Motherfuckers Thought It Was True Cause At The Time Nobody Mainstream Was Good, Like Back In The Day. So He Just To Advantage Of This Slum Period In Music. But Would A Best Rapper Alive Get Dog On About 20 Song Or Ever Use A New Comers Verse On A Live Award Show (Drake)..No I Don't Think So..


Monday, January 26, 2009

Colin Munroe

Colin Munroe promo 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

5). Colin Munroe

Canada Born Multi-Talented Artist & Producer Colin Munroe

He was pulled out of school during Grade 3 by his religious parents due to fear and distrust of the government. It was not until Grade 9, when he was enrolled to an near by art class, he found his true

There he taught himself to play drums, guitar and keys and writing and taping early ‘demos’ using the school’s reel-to-reel recorder. He can also play glock, tambourine, banjo.

He gain much of his popularity from his remix of Kayne West's "Flashing Lights", which got the attention of everyone including, Kanye West himself , who featured the video on his personal blog, included the remix in his Glow in the Dark Tour Mixtape, and used Colin’s vocals in his international Glow in the Dark tour.

Colin is Currently Signed To Universal Motown Records Group

I Want Those Flashing Lights:

Cannonball (ft. Drake):

Will I Stay:

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Below the Heavens Pictures, Images and Photos

Rapper From San Pedro, California Born Johnson Barnes

He Is Best Known From His Debut Album "Below The Heavens" Which Was Produced By One Half Of Emanon, Producer Exile.

In The Early Days Of His Career He Was A Hype Man For Artists Such As Slum Village, Steve Spacek, Platinum Pied Pipers, and Emanon.

Rookie of the Year in 2007 by HipHopDX

Included In The Freshman Top 10 Of 90'

Below The Heavens:

No Greater Love:

In Remembrance of Me:


88 keys Pictures, Images and Photos

Producer & Artist 88-Keys..

Born Charles Misodi Njapa To West African Parent, He Earned His Name While Meeting Q-Tip, Pete Rock, & Large Professor. Large Professor Gave Him His Name After Seeing His Skills On The Ensoniq ASR-10 keyboard.

He Is A Ralph Lauren Fiend..Wearing Nothing But Ralph Lauren For The Last 16 Years...
He Own About 700 Piece Of Ralph Lauren Clothing

List Of Songs Produced, Co-produced, Or Remixed By 88-Keys:

The Friends Zone (ft. Shitake Monkeys):

Wasting My Minutes (ft. Kid Cudi):

(Awww Man) Round 2?:

Kele Okereke

kele okereke Pictures, Images and Photos

The Gay, Bisexual, Or Even Straight (Never Disclosed) Lead Singer & Rhythm Guitarist Of Bloc Party

He & The Other Members Of The Band (except Matt Tong) Are Very Shy And Would Rather Focus On Music More Than The Media Image

"Why is it important to know what I had for breakfast? Or who I went to bed with? Or what sneakers I am wearing? If it's relevant to understanding my music, then so be it. But if it's purely to satisfy the media's obsession with celebrity, then no thanks. I don't want to play that game."

Also He Writes Most Of Their Songs..

Pure Genius!!!


Blue Light: or

The Prayer: