Friday, January 23, 2009

25 Things To Know About Matt

1. I WANT A MONKEY!!!!!!!
2. Food & Liquor Is The Greatest Album To Grace Human Ears
3. I Hate Chocolate By Itself..Must Have Something With It..Like Wafers Or Nuts
4. I Didn't Get A Tongue Ring For Sexual Purposes..lls I Just Like Body Jewelry And Tattoo..I'm Getting My Eyebrow, Lip, Nose, And Maybe Even Bellyring(Not Gay Plenty Of Dude Have Them)..And Getting Both Arms, Chest, Neck, Hip, Back, And Thigh Done
5. Always Loved Rock But Didn't Start Listening To It Hard Till Like 5 Years Ago
6. I Will Learn To Play Guitar
7. Glasses Are Like The Hottest Thing A Girl Can Ever Have On..Braces Too!!!
8. I Stopped Skateboarding Because I Have A Big Fear Of Falling, Also Claustrophobic, Scare Of Heights' And Most Of All RATS!!!!!!!!!
9. I write poetry but hate reading if you tagged me in a poem there is a 5 out of 10 chance that I have never read it and just said it was good..lls
10. I'm Not Into Anime Tho All My Friends Are..
11. Hailey Williams, Cassie From Hey Monday, Scarlett Johanson, Solange, Kristen Stewart, Kerry Washington, and A Few Others Are Hot, But I Don't Think I Could Ever Mess With A Celebrity Chick
12. Scared Of Commitment and Think Love Is Fickle , Thought I Wanna Be Loved
13. Ihave Never See 300, Godfather, Pulp Ficton, Cooley High, Scarface, Good Fellas, And A Lot Other Movies People Take About.. But Do The Right Thing Is The Greatest Movie Ever..
14. Whenever I See Donnie Darko I Wanna Write
15. Linkin Park SUCKS!!!!!!
16. For Some Reason I Don't Date African Girls Alot Yet I Am African
17. I Cant Swim
18. Had Depression Problems And Thought About Suicide But Couldn't go Thought With It..
19. I Can't Shoplift, Even If I Wanted To I Can
20. I Tend To Use People..ALOT
21. I Get Annoyed Easily..But I Annoy Others Easier
22. I like doing more that is need
23. I Can Be A Tyrant
24. Suck Majorly At Guitar Hero & Rockband..
25. No Relationship I've Ever Been In Was Real To Me..Either It Was Sex Or Ended Before It Could Get There


T.J. Brown said...

I agree with #2 and #7
But #3 makes you a fool lls
Why doesn't anyone like linkin park?
And you have relationship issues I can help you with....

Mathyu-Was-Here said...

Dude I Just Don't